Since inception in 2002 the Sale Moor Community Partnership has delivered a huge range of projects locally and across Trafford. We will update this page whenever possible with links to a more in depth look at some of the projects delivered by SMCP. Click on the links below to go to the project webpages, videos or media.

2020-2022 Covid Response Project

2020-2023 Healthy Activity Fund

2018 The Bread & Butter Thing

2017-2018 Sale Moor Activity Team

2017 We Love Sale Moor Manchester Mural

2003, 2007 & 2012-2013 Sale Moor Community Needs Assessments

2002-2017 Sale Moor Source Magazine

2011 Manchester Superstars Project  (Brink Productions Limited)

2008 Humphrey Park Underpass Mural (Lostock)

The list below is not comprehensive but gives you a wide range of the work we do. We aim to bring these and others to life so check back for updates or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

2015 Lime Tree Primary Chill Out Zone

2012-2016 Volunteer Support Project

2012-2017 Camp Active

2014 Computer Club Project

2010 Trafford Compact Voluntary Sector Steering Group

2010  Media Mondays Project

2009-2010 Sale Communities Junior Football Club

2009 Thirlmere Avenue Garden Mural (Stretford)

2009 Baguley Lane Play Area & Sunny Days Park Playbuilder

2008 Moor Nook Kite Festival

2008 Involve Substance Misuse Project

2007-2016 Sale Moor Credit Union

2007-2017 Craft Club Project

2007 Volunteer Coordinators Network Forum & Event

2007 Sale Moor Fiesta

2007 CITC & Sale Sharks Sale Moor Sports Project

2006-2009 Citrus Tree Cafe

2006-2007 Veolia Environmental Trust Shop Parade development

2006 Lantern Parade

2005 Youth Housing Handbook Project

2003-2007 Youth Reward Projects & Dreamscheme

2003-2013 Community Foundation Fairshare Programme

2003 Beech Farm & Baguley Lane Play Area Mural

2003-2004 Communities Against Drugs Project

2003-2017 Sale Moor Youth Bank

2002-2017 Sale Moor Community Learning Centre Project

2002-2017 One-Stop Resource Project