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Author Topic: Artscape Art Pyschotherapy  (Read 2357 times)
« on: January 14, 2012, 02:44:36 PM »

Welcome to Trafford’s “Artscape” Art Psychotherapy services

Art Psychotherapy, also known as Art Therapy can provide children, young people, families and vulnerable adults with a simple way to communicate and express themselves, creatively.

From a very young age, children use art making to express how they feel. Both children and adults sometimes find it difficult to put into words how they are feeling, especially if they are confused, frustrated, unhappy or frightened.

Our art psychotherapy service uses art making as a safe way of helping people to communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively. When someone presents with a problem, the Art Therapist builds a trusting relationship to help them reach a better understanding of themselves.

People who can benefit from art psychotherapy may have a wide range of different difficulties, disabilities or diagnoses. These may include emotional, behavioural or mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities. People dealing with life events such as bereavement, loss, illness, trauma or abuse can benefit from this form of creative-therapeutic communication, as well as those who are becoming withdrawn, isolated, disruptive or challenging.

Some people find that making the art work alone helps them feel more relaxed or happy, while for others, it is a safe way to start to express and talk about how they feel with the Art Therapist.

The Art Therapist understands that everybody’s artwork is personal to them and will not try to tell them what it means. Through the therapy process, they can work together to try to understand their feelings and experiences, think about how they can make things feel better and bring about change.

During the sessions the service user can experiment and play with different art materials such as paint, clay, fabric, and sand. The art therapists can adapt the art sessions so that people of all abilities and needs can make their own art work.

What is discussed in the sessions is private and confidential. The only time the art therapist would talk to someone else is if they are worried about someone’s safety.

Our art psychotherapy service can provide group and individual sessions. They take place at the same time each week. They last for one hour for individual sessions or an hour and a half for group sessions.

“Artscape” is a non profit community based art therapy service. We run sessions in schools, community centres, family centres etc. and work within education, health, social care and the voluntary sector. The art therapy sessions are run by fully qualified Art Psychotherapists who are state registered with the Health Professions Council. 

If you are interested in being referred to our art psychotherapy service or would like more information, please contact Sale Moor Community Partnership… or send an email to
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