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: Registration process
: Administrator July 29, 2009, 01:42:50 AM
Due to the nature of our work and the age of users on this site we are trying to take every precaution to ensure genuine users are using this forum.

Once you register we receive an email telling us so. At this point we will email you a simple question about the community or ask you to provide a piece of information that is about Sale Moor.

At no point will we ask you to reveal your identity and would encourage users to choose usernames that are not easily recognisable.

This process is to protect the integrity of the forum. We know that sometimes the process can be frustrating but please be assured we will do our best to approve you asap.

Once we have confirmed you are a genuine user we will grant access to the site and all the goodies within.

If you have any comments or queries regarding this policy then please contact for further information and discourse.


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