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: February Half Term 2013
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February Half Term

Monday 18th Feb

Name of session: Creative Area
Time: 2- 4PM
Description: This session is for young people to come in and express their creative side by making and setting up their own creative area.
Age Range: Under 12ís.

Name of session: Singing lessons.
Time: 6-8PM
Description: This session is to help young people to learn how to progress their skills in singing.   
Age Range: All Ageís

Tuesday 19th Feb

Name of session: Crafts
Time: 4-6PM
Description: We will be doing all different things such as; card making etc. Also we will be doing any other crafted based stuff that the young people would like to do. 
Age Range: All ages

Name of session: Sale Moor Youth Bank   
Time: 6-8PM
Description: We will be open for young people to write an application for a project idea they would like to run. They will be staff available to help young people with there applications.   
Age Range: 8+

Wednesday 20th Feb

Name of session: Art Workshop
Time: 12-3:30PM   
Description, This will allow the young people to create their own canvas or t-shirt,
Age Range, 5+,
Name of session: Arts Award
Time: 4-6PM
Description: This helps young people to gain a qualification in general art.   
Age Range: Closed Session

Name of session: Young Womenís Project,
Time: 6-8PM   
Description: This session is for young women to come in and chat about any issues that they may be having whilst socialising with their friends and doing fun activities.
Age Range: 12+

Thursday 21st Feb

Name of session: Fun & Games
Time: 6-8PM
Description: This is a session for young people to come in and socialize with their friends and get them off the streets by playing games. 
Age Range: 11+

Friday 22nd Feb

Name of session: Social Session
Time: 12-6PM
Description: This is a session where young people can meet socially and informally. There will be the play station, computers, pool table and craft equipment for them to use.
Age Range: 8+

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