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: SMCP Community Surgery's November-December 2012
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Sale Moor Community Partnership & Learning Centre timetable for the next few months looks like this:

Surgeries (as of November 5th 2012):

Beginners IT (Level 2)(CLC from 12th Nov) 10am-12pm
Trafford College Enrolment Event (5th November 11am-12pm)
Sale Credit Union 12:45pm - 2:30pm
Beginners IT (Level 1)(CLC from 12th Nov) 1pm-3pm

THT Housing Officer Surgery 10am-11am
CLC Drop In 10am-12pm
Arts & Crafts (CLC)  12pm-3pm
Sale Moor Youth Bank 6pm-8pm*

English 10am-12pm (CLC from 14th Nov-tbc)
CLC Drop In 12pm-1pm
Maths 1-3pm (CLC from 14th Nov-tbc)
Arts Award/Mouth Of The Moor (CLC) 4pm-6pm*
Young Women's Project (CLC) 6pm-8pm*

Employment & Enterprise Club & CLC Drop In (CLC) 10am-2pm
Trafford Housing Trust Rents Officer Surgery (10am-12pm)(On request)
Sale Moor Community Needs Assessment Project (CLC) 2-8pm

CLC Drop In 10am-3pm

Saturday Night Project (CLC) 6-8pm*

*Youth Project

If you have any queries about availability or need support during your drop in then please call ahead to ensure we can help you fully. We do not always have people on hand to help. Call 0161-962-3636 or email

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