The Sale Moor Community Partnership is a community focused charity aiming to support the community and residents of Sale Moor and the wider Trafford/Manchester community. Formed in 2005, the charity developed from a council led pilot project in 2002 that laid the foundations for residents to take the charity on and forward.

The charity operates from two premises on the Norris Road Shop Parade. A One-Stop support space and a 15 seat Learning Centre that also functions as a meeting and youth space.

The Sale Moor Community Partnership is currently working towards the development of a new community space to replace this valuable community facility. The Norris Road Shop Parade is due for demolition in 2020, with the development already well under way. We are discussing all the options available to us with local partners and agencies.

The charity focuses on 5 main areas to meet its charitable aims.

One-Stop Support

The One-Stop Centre is open 4 days a week (current opening times can be found on the home page). We offer support on benefits, debt, housing (homelessness), employment, anti-social issues and if we don’t know the answer we will find someone who can. We host a Trafford Housing Trust Customer Support Team (monthly on Mondays) and our local MP (monthly on Fridays) as well as community roadshows. Our local PCSO’s will happily meet you at our centre and we also work with our local Food Bank (Mondays) as a local referral agency. In August 2018 we started a partnership with The Bread & Butter Thing to alleviate food poverty in Sale Moor. Photocopy, fax and scanning facilities are available.

Children, Young People & Families

From the outset it was clear that the community in Sale Moor wanted the charity to focus on working with children and young people. There have a been a huge range of projects delivered and hosted by Sale Moor Community Partnership. The current focus is to deliver daily projects in the school holidays for as wide an age range as possible with regular weekly youth projects. The Sale Moor Youth Bank (Tuesdays) is a youth led grant making organisation that has been an integral part of SMCP since its early days. The Youth Bank currently offers grants up to £1,000 for youth and child focused projects in Sale Moor. Art and Street Art is often used as a way of engaging with our local community with Arts Awards available

Community Learning

We operate a 12 seat learning centre (although we can fit more in at a push!). The centre is equipped with laptops running Windows 10 although we do have tower PC’s and Macs too. We work with Trafford College and offer a range of I.T., Maths, English and leisure courses like Creative Writing, Photoshop, Video Making, Street Art and Social Media. The space is also used for a number of projects linked to community needs. The Craft Club (Tuesdays) has been running for nine years now and provides a welcoming and sociable environment for all the people taking part. Every Thursday the Job Club offers 1-1 support to people helping their employability. Creating CV’s, Job Searches and self employment advice all in a supportive environment. Residents are also welcome to use the centre for studying and research on a drop in basis. On Fridays at our Do I.T. Yourself Club we support people having problems with their computers, software or those wanting to learn a specific I.T. related task.


The charity sees volunteers as its soul. They are the lifeblood of the organisation and constantly help to define what the charity is about. From the Board members to the people that come to help at a one-off event we value every single one. Every project we run and support has volunteer input in some way and in some cases they are entirely volunteer led after a small helping hand at the start. We are always looking for people that can offer skills to the charity too.

Community Representation

One of the main reasons for the formation of the Sale Moor Partnership in 2002 came from the protests of local residents that Sale Moor was often overlooked at the strategic and regeneration level. The charity has invested a lot in building databases of information about the needs of the community through local assessments and surveys within the wider context of the Indices Of Multiple Deprivation and the more local context of Lower Super Output Areas. The Sale Moor Research website is a more devoted look at this data. Unfortunately some more jargon in it but also lots of very human comments too.  We actively work with Trafford Housing Trust, Sale Community Panel, Trafford Council, Greater Manchester Police and a whole host of partners to ensure the people of Sale Moor are heard and considered.

While we focus on these 5 areas there are many other elements that come into the equation. We produce the quarterly Sale Moor Source magazine that is delivered to 2,000 homes and operate a Facebook and Twitter account that reflects the work we do at the centres and in the community. It also keeps local people abreast of the activities and opportunities available locally.

And finally, the constant work towards making the charity in some way sustainable while offering services for free has resulted in cost benefit analyses that prove the social value of charities like Sale Moor Community Partnership to the public purse. The demands placed on agencies that do use public funds to prove they are worth the money given will only increase and it is necessary that the charity shows value for money in every way and measure.